Jan 262018




We’ve been tidying up leaves blown into different corners of the garden. Once gathered there was no space for depositing in the leaf mould bays. We built new leaf mould bays and transferred the upper layers of the existing bays into one of the new bays. The lower layers in the older bays are good to use. It usually takes two-three years to form good quality leaf mould. It can be used as a soil improver or mixed with sharp sand and good quality garden compost to pot plants.

Wires have been added to sections of the wall, this will help us to train fruit trees and climbers against the wall. We’ve also begun some rejuvenating winter pruning on the more neglected apple and pear trees. A winter apple and pear tree pruning workshop will follow soon!

Wood was chopped on the snowy days, some of the logs are too big for the cavity of the wood burning stove. We cut some more kindling too. We’ve also weeded and edged around the espaliered apple trees.

A bird bath was built we’re taking part in the Big Garden Bird Watch next week, it takes place 27th-29th January, join in if you want.

The Ceilidh at the corn exchange raised over £600, which is great, thanks for all those involved!


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