Jan 052018

A full pond and planting trees undeterred by rain.


Happy 2018!

The days at the garden between Christmas and New Year were quiet. The days were sunny and crisp. We finished laying tar tilings on the new paths through the winter garden. The tilings will need to be compacted with a whacker plate before we lay the whin dust.

The days after New Year have been damp and overcast. We’ve finished pruning the roses and moving the trees from the nursery section. These were getting too big so we moved these outside the walls into open areas, limiting shade from tree canopies thus giving them a good chance to grow.   Plants in the greenhouse were tidied and if needed watered. Some of the plants were mouldy this might be due to over watering, at this time of year the water doesn’t evaporate quickly and so watering needs done less often. It might also be the still air inside the greenhouse, to combat this we’re opening the doors during the working day to encourage airflow. Another reason they might be mouldy is the mouldy fruit on the fig tree spreading spores to the potted plants. Now we’ve removed the mouldy figs from the fig tree.

It’s a good time of year to tidy up. We’ve been working our way around the greenhouses and cabin lifting detritus. The veg. beds were also a little weedy so are getting hoed and tidied.


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