Dec 222017

This week has been mild, and with the schools being off, quite quiet too. The mildness has meant a slight flush of weeds, so there’s been a bit of hoeing to do. People have been harvesting winter veg. in preparation for Christmas and the purple sprouting broccoli has been re-netted; the birds were feasting on and it looks a little ravaged.

Borders are still being chopped back and the path continues to be laid. Most of the roses are pruned and we have laid an organic cocoa husk mulch around the maze. This is a byproduct from ‘The Chocolate Tree’ factory at Knowes farm. Apparently it makes an excellent mulch, being free from pesticide and weed seed. It also has a coarse texture so I reckon it’ll be a pretty good slug deterrent too!

Merry Christmas and thanks for all the good work this year!


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