Nov 172017

Plants in order of appearance

Viburnum × bodnantense

Viburnum tinus

Phormium tenax

Euphorbia ‘Tasmanium Tiger’

Cotinus coggygria


It’s been a while since the last diary entry, and we’ve been busy in that time.

A lot of the Winter Garden has been planted and now we’re building paths through its interior. The new nursery was prepared for planting and is still being planted. Here we’ve divided and planted Sedum, Helenium, Inula, Acanthus, Echinops, Scabious, Centaurea and more. Most of these will be potted up in Spring in preparation for the plant sale. The more tuberous and sprawling rooty plants, like Lysimachia and Persicaria affinis, we’ve potted straight away so to stop them spreading through the nursery beds. The maze has been weeded and people have been raking leaves, turning compost and chopping back the herbaceous border.

On 29th October we had the apple day. It was a great day, lots of people attended. We had an apple press to make juice with, a child friendly craft workshop run by ‘Artpoint’, storytelling from Tim Porteus, apple tasting and brewers talking through the cider making process. Earlier this week Kate and I gave a presentation to the U3A about the history of the garden/trust and the volunteer contributions and opportunities.


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