Oct 062017


Here are some plants that good in the garden for the month of October. In the order they appear…

Euphorbia schillingii. Common name: Schilling Spurge

Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’. Common name: Balkan clary ‘Caradonna’

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Malepartus’

Physalis alkekengi. Common name: Chinese Lantern

Aster x frikartii ‘Monch’


The wet weather of the summer has subsided slightly, this along with the cooler temperatures has slowed down the weeds, although we’re still dealing with the backlog. Recently we’ve had some fine mild days and also some windy days. The day of the (CALEY) Grow and learn awards last Friday was warm. It was also a great day out. Alan Patterson received the first stage ‘Roots’ award and Thomas Orr the second stage ‘Nurture’ award, well done both of you and thanks for all your hard work. The ceremony took place in Battleby near Perth, lunch was provided and one representative from each project answered a few questions from George Anderson of the Beechgrove garden. Thomas was our representative and he spoke very well.

The Doors open day on 23rd and 24th September was well attended (over 200 people), we raised about £450, thanks to everyone that helped out. The Countryside rangers and a group of their volunteers were in last Saturday for a tour of the garden and a survey of some of the area outside the walls. They were an enthusiastic and friendly bunch.

Also at the garden we’ve been harvesting apples and storing them in preparation for the apple day on 29th October. Every third day we check them for rot. Some varieties such as ‘James Grieve’ don’t store too well so hopefully we’ll have enough!

Some small areas in the garden have been top dressed: Around the pond and oak tree. This acts as a good back drop to the plants and makes the borders look great, we’ll get some compost delivered soon for quality topdressing. A team of hard workers is weeding the Maze, an end is in sight. The autumn colours on the trees look beautiful, the leaf fall has begun, a lot of raking awaits.


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