Sep 012017


We still have some Prunus trees to prune, better do it before there’s a chance of them getting Silver Leaf Disease. We’ve been “summer pruning” apple trees; reducing the new growth to help spur formation. A little late also, but they’ll be fine. Apples have begun to be harvested and stored in preparation for apple day. We’re using baker’s trays with wide vents to allow for air flow. Any apples with wet wounds and soft bruises are kept for imminent consumption, the apples are stored not touching each other. These measures should limit rot, our apple day isn’t until 29th October, so we’ll see which varieties harvested now make it through.

The council were in to cut our meadow. We’ll let the grass lie for 2-3 days before we start raking it, gathering it and composting it. This allow wild flower seed to spread and a little nutrition to the soil. Any longer than 7 days and the grass will provide too much nutrition to the meadow, in turn allowing more grasses to thrive at the expense of diversity.

Remaining hedges have been cut, we’ll give the beech one last glance to tidy up frayed ends. Weeding continues as does grass cutting. On Wednesday the Meadow Park school started in the garden, 5 students with Autism, they made a great start and will be working in the garden during term time.


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