Aug 042017


The weather continues to be variable. Rain and showers punctuated by warm periods of sunshine, good weather for weeds to grow.

Thursday was the Judging day for Haddington in Bloom. Much of the week was spent prettifying the garden for them. The Winter garden and veg. beds were weeded and beech hedges cut. The Judges finished off this year at the garden this year and so there was more time to talk to them about the garden than the previous year. We talked to them about the design of the garden, its environmental benefits, community involvement and education in the garden. We finished off with tea and cake.

The tomatoes are cropping well and ready to pick. The peaches also are beginning to ripen, I had one yesterday that was delicious! There are lots of midsummer flowering plants looking good around the garden. The warm Helenium ‘Sahin’s early’ and cool Perovskia both look great.


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