Jul 292017


The barbecue last Saturday was great fun and well attended. It’d be good to have another one soon. The weather remains changeable, rain then sun allows weeds to flourish, so we’ve been doing a lot of weeding.

Elsewhere harvest season is in full swing, the cucumbers continue to be prolific, the figs and apricots taste great, and our cabbage are huge, pick them before they burst!

We had two semi-ripe cutting workshops this week, they went well. Mid-Late summer and for some plants autumn is the traditional time to do semi-ripe cuttings; before the wood has completely hardened. We were mainly propagating Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), but we also propagated some Russian sage and Lonicera. We’re experimenting with our aftercare; some have bottom heat from propagators, some have plastic bag covers to retain moisture, some were dipped in rooting hormone and some weren’t. I’ll keep you informed about the results.


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