Jul 212017


Meadow in sunshine


The garden has been busy over the last 2 weeks: A week ago last Thursday there was a walk and talk group from the library that had an evening visit; there was a moth trapping event at the garden a week ago last Friday; the Wednesday past we had a Kokedama workshop (Kokedama’s are Japanese style moss balls filled with compost and planted up, a little like hanging baskets); this evening we have a barbecue at the garden.

There’s been a lot of grass cutting, edging and weeding to do. We’ve removed the anti-bird netting from the cherry trees and we’ve begun pruning them.

Lots of fruit and veg is being harvested. Apricots, figs, beetroot, turnip, our ‘early river’ plums and mange tout are all ready, so please pick them! The cucumber plants have been very prolific, they’re continuing to thrive. I’ve seen cabbage white flying around, hopefully our fine mesh netting resists an onslaught, and we must give the carrots some protection soon for carrot root fly.

The warm Eastern border is full of reds and yellows, the Monarda and Cephalaria gigantea look wonderful as do the purple Salvias and tall grassed Stipa gigantea. The weather has been a mixed bag; great, warm, sunny days followed by cool, overcast days, and then rain.



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