Jul 072017


Apart from a wet Tuesday the weather has been mostly ok this week; a little overcast and humid and I wouldn’t mind a rise of a few degrees in temperature and some more sun. The sun will provide more sweetness to the ripening fruits. We’ve begun harvesting the raspberries but they’re still a little sour. Lots of other produce is being harvested: We’ve harvested our first Greyhound Cabbage had a good crop of Broad Beans; Pak Choi, Chard and Lettuce are all ready to harvest as are the first early tatties; in the greenhouse the Cucumbers are proving very productive and the Courgettes are reliable.

This week we’ve also had a flourishing of fungi in the garden. Perhaps this is due to the wet, humidity and intermittent periods of sunshine. During the early 1980’s the garden was briefly used as a tree nursery by the council then neglected, perhaps there are a lot of roots from old trees that were removed when the trust took over the ground; the fungi could be consuming the dead wood from decaying roots. I’ve seen a fairy ring of honey fungus, in this case I hope it is feeding off an old root!

People have been busy pruning the plum trees and now most of the cherries are over so we’ve made a start pruning them too. There’s still a cherry tree on the North facing wall waiting to ripen. We’ve also been busy tying in fallen fruit tree branches, and staking the trees knocked by the previous week’s winds.

On Thursday people from the Poldrate Arts and Crafts Centre hung a cracking exhibition in the education centre, paintings of nature, lots of bees and birds, come and have a look!


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