Jun 162017

On Monday the Compass school had their last session for the academic year. We made some comfrey fertilizer, watered plants and cut around apple trees with the push mower, they’ve done a great job for the year, thank you!

The Brassicas have been planted under netted tents, cabbage, broccoli, romaneso and many sprouts. The weeding is on going, this time of year it’s a constant, some of the veg. beds have been full of annuals so we’ve been busy hoeing, carefully avoiding vegetable seedlings. The mangetout had been badly munched by birds, we’ve netted them now and they seem to be recovering.

The Glasshouse has been fully planted and much to Gary’s relief we have two drip hoses set up, one in the pollytunnel and one in the glasshouse. The tomatoes have been tied into string lines and are being pruned at least once a week, this is necessary because they put on a lot of growth at this time of year.


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