May 182017


The rain did last most of the day on Monday, giving the beds a much needed soak. The grass responded with sudden growth, in the absence of Chris we must keep on top of the cutting, it’ll most likely need a weekly cut now. Richard and Gary have been busy cutting as have our two new volunteers Wendy and Rosie.

John returned to the garden this week and has already started building new fences for the apple walk espaliers, thankyou! We had a composting workshop on Wednesday and Colin single handedly moved compost from bay 5 to 6, the other heaps will now all be moved down one space.

Elsewhere people have been busy with weeding and glasshouse work. Liz, Gary and I planted out cucumbers peppers and courgettes in the glasshouse. Gary and Malcom laid out the drip hose which will make watering less time consuming!

Look out for the white wisteria on the South facing wall it’s beginning to flower, it looks great.


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