Garden Produce


Amisfield Garden produces quantities of fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and plants.  These are distributed freely to volunteers for personal use, but we also sell whatever might be available to visitors.  In particular we usually have a plant sale in spring and an Apple Day in autumn.  Though not strictly organic, we use natural fertilizers and a minimum of chemicals in the garden.

We have a substantial collection of apple trees with over 30 different varieties growing as espalier trees lining the two apple walks or against the walls and as standard trees in the orchard.  If you rarely venture beyond what is available from the supermarket then you really should come and try the range of flavours of the different varieties.  Freshly squeezed apple juice available on the Apple Days has to be experienced to be believed.  In addition to apples we have pear, plum, cherry, apricot, peach and medlar trees which produce small quantities of more exotic fruit.  Some of the excess fruit is made into jam or chutney by the volunteers and is sold to visitors. 


The soft-fruit beds between the orchard and the glasshouse contain strawberries, raspberries, bramble, black currants, gooseberries and rhubarb; a mix to keep us in fresh fruit from early spring through to late autumn.

The glasshouse and polytunnel are used to start off seedlings and cuttings in the spring, but are planted with tomatoes, aubergine, cucumbers, peppers and herbs through the summer while the fig tree yields additional sweet delights.

The main vegetable beds are against the south-facing north wall where a wide range of vegetables are grown in rotation.  This includes the usual potatoes and cabbages, etc., but we also grow less usual varieties such as the knobbly and irregular-shaped pink fir-apple potato, or purple runner beans, or kohlrabi and squash which look like vegetables from outer space.  In amongst the vegetables we also grow flowers, partly to attract pollinators and friendly insects to help control pests, but also to sell as cut flowers.  If you need an arrangement of fresh flowers for a special occasion then come and see what is available.